Bossflex Adjustable Bed Base


The Vencasa Bossflex adjustable bed base is manufactured in Germany and has a flexible structure that adjusts ergonomically to the contour and weight of the body and thus relieves pressure on the spine and ensures optimal body alignment.

There are 50 pressure absorbing disc pads per base continuously adjust to the body position throughout the sleep cycle – to relieve pressure on the spine and ensure optimal body alignment.

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  • The spaces between the discs allow the necessary ventilation for reduced moisture in the mattress, resulting in fewer allergies.
  • Different color disc pads for different support levels from firm to soft which can easily be moved around to your preference.
  • Foot stoppers and side stoppers keep the mattress in place.
  • Low noise motors with high quality gears.

Support zones:
The firmest support is supplied by reinforced discs in the centre of the base. This ensures correct alignment of the spine and provides optimum support in the lumbar area where the body needs it most. It provides additional effective support when the base is in an upright position and the entire bodyweight is concentrated in the centre of the base. The disc pads in the shoulder and leg zones are softer for reduced pressure and enhanced blood circulation.

Additional information


Wood, Perspex


2 x 75cm make up Queen
2 x 90cm make up King

Load Capacity

Max 140kg


3 Years


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