Hanlo Pretorius | January 2020

We would like to thank you and your team for delivering Thursday in the time slot that we requested. It made life so much easier on our side. I also wish to compliment the delivery team for their professional conduct and helpfulness in replacing the old bed with the new. It is really much appreciated.

Profeor Leon Raath| December 2019

Dear Greg, I recently purchased a Tempur mattress & base set and have been very impressed with the service excellence rendered by Riaan Scheepers. Riaan is very knowledgeable about how service processes work, but the most impressive trait was observing his keenness to: understand a customer, anticipate need, satisfying and fulfilling customer requests. The service responsiveness is always immediate.

What blew my socks off was that this service excellence is done for certain aspects outside the normal processes, his ability to think outside the box is incredible. The lightning speed responsiveness to service requests as well as the quality of service provision was excellent. As Tempur matrasses are higher priced due to world class quality it necessitated more interfaces for me to conclude the purchase with comfort and in this regard the experience with Riaan was a trusted experience with integrity which is important in understanding a customer and responding appropriately with trust.

As South Africa’s first honorary Professor in Supply Chain Management focusing on service excellence and a judge for over 17 years in the South African Logistics Achiever Awards rewarding excellence in logistics or supply chain management. I take a keen interest in the service component of organisations where we judge and assess what is world-class or not. In this regard, Riaan provides on a consistent basis a predictable and reliable service with responsiveness which is commendable and a fine example to others in Pharmaline to follow on reliability delivering ahead of expectations. Please convey my compliments and appreciation to Riaan. 

Regards Professor Leon Raath

Zahira | November 2019

Good day Jordin, I have completed the below survey but I would like to mention a compliment to the sales assistant Preggy from your Design Quarter Branch. He was both professional and knowledgeable in his trade. He was patient and guided us in the purchase. He took time to understand our needs and provide a product that we would not only be happy with but suited the budget.

He is a key asset to your business and we trust he will bring you many sales. I have always believed “people buy from people” and if it was not for Preggy’s thoughtfulness I would have not been a proud Tempur customer today. I hope you convey this message to both Preggy and his superiors. Thank you.

Tommaso Bisogno| October 2019

Probably one of the best investments I made over 10 years ago.

Caterina Kambouris| October 2019

I have one, and it’s the best. Best sleep and everything that goes with the mattress.

Tuelo Tlhomelang | September 2019

I just want to express my gratitude to Tempur designed bed and mattress that is so remarkably comfy. I just want to express my gratitude to Tempur designed bed and mattress that is so remarkably comfy. I’ve been using it since December 2016 and I can only say WOW, as an MVA person who sustained bodily multiple fractures, some crushed bones, Tempur bed and mattress have been a godsend. I sleep well, recovery is good, thank you so much!

Isaac Mogeammed| June 2019

Almost died, there was a fire in my building- Slept right through it.

Crystal Kid| June 2019

Good service from Brandon and Tendai, even came to make sure the delivery for Magniflex went smoothly. Thanks guys!

Kerien van Dyk | May 2019

I would like to acknowledge the great service, advise and friendliness I experienced from Thabiso. I am in a customer facing occupation myself and also sell a premium product at a premium price. I therefore have great respect for a sales person who can immediately identify and address his customer’s pain points and sell the quality and value-add of his product beyond price.

Honestly, the mattress I bought is way above what I intended to spend, but Thabiso quickly convinced me of the benefits in terms of quality, support and comfort. Good service is unfortunately too often the exception and not the rule, so my sincere appreciation!

Zahira | November 2018

To Whom It May Concern, I would like to thank Shirley Rakwena, for truly amazing customer service. I called your store yesterday looking for information on your pillows and if you were having any specials. Shirley was professional and provided me with all the information and she said she would let me know about the specials for black friday. An hour later, she called me back, I said I would come today and buy a tempur pillow. I arrived at Brooklyn and asked her if she remembered me from yesterday. Within a flash she had my pillow waiting for me to test. I was satisfied and within a few minutes I was out the door with my new pillow. I very happy client and a huge thank you to Shirley. She is an asset to your team and your brand. Thanking you Darryn Lubie

Adv Sumayya Tilly | June 2018

I write this email as a gesture of deep appreciation for the outstanding service that Warren at Vencasa rendered to me and my husband over the last year (2018). As you will recall, we purchased Tempur mattresses some time back and took delivery earlier this year. After sleeping on the mattresses, we didn’t feel it suited our particular sleep and health patterns. I reverted back to Warren with my concerns and he went out of his way to come to my assistance and was co-operative in providing on-going and valuable advice and guidance. He also assisted me in exchanging the mattresses which we are now happy with. Thank you for all that you did for me and my husband. You certainly are an asset to Vencasa!

Joan Johnson | February 2015

I am certainly enjoying my pillow – I would not use anything else or any other imitation variety. This is the second one I have had, I had my previous one for 6 years and they are just fantastic. I would highly recommend these pillows to everyone, good value for money as well considering what one pays for other fancy pillows.

Linda Webb | January 2015

BEST MATTRESSES EVER PURCHASED. Worth every cent spent for offers the best in comfort. Will never sleep on another mattress brand. Soon my guest bedroom will also have a Tempur mattress for others to enjoy!!

Jodi Lynn Karpes| November 2014

I’ve been in love with TEMPUR since they were part of the client base at an advertising agency I worked for over 10 years ago. Since then I have aspired and dreamed of having a mattress. Over the years, I began to experience back pain and sessions at the chiropractor and physio didn’t solve the problem. With a basic knowledge of TEMPUR technology, the seed had already been planted, and the need for one was growing. In 2007 I finally bought my first TEMPUR mattress. I was pain-free within 6 months!

Over the years, I have bought several pillows (for myself and family), and most recently the travel pillow. The next item on my list will be the eye mask (and then the new Cloud mattress). I appreciate the communication from TEMPUR on their new products and store openings as it keeps it top of mind for me and on my vision board. The value of sleeping on TEMPUR is almost incomprehensible and whilst the purchasing decision takes time, once experiencing the restorative and rejuvenating benefits, the decision for the next mattress is a quick and easy one. In addition, recommending TEMPUR becomes a priority as it a matter of long-term health ” which shouldn’t be compromised on, at any age.

It is also an easy referral as I know that Amish in Hyde Park, Preggy in Design Quarter and Roslyn and Warren in Bedford always give their undivided attention to customers and provide extensive service, during the decision-phase and after the purchase. Recently, my friend bought a pillow and Amish called him a few days later to see if he was sleeping well and offered advice on getting the best results and sleep. Jenni, from Head Office, pointed me to a wonderful TED talk, where the speaker summed up the importance of sleep by saying Sleep is G-D, go worship.

Justin in Johannesburg | November 2014

The Tempur mattress has changed our lives, we sleep better and are more energised in the morning. No more aches and pains! The mattress conforms to our body shapes and provides the necessary support where it is needed most. We were so impressed with the mattress that we even purchased the pillows which have been just as good. Definitely money well spent!

Lois Wessels | November 2014

Hi Kgadi,I wish to confirm our telephone conversation to the effect that I am totally overwhelmed by the improvement and positive effect that sleeping on a Tempur Mattress has had on aches and pains caused by a severely fractured pelvis. The first night that I slept on it was the first real good refreshing sleep that I have had in the last 18 months. As a result I am feeling totally transformed and rejuvenated and I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending Tempur to anyone. The Tempur Pillow is very comfortable and vastly different from other pillows (that one is inclined to punch into shape during the night). I linger in my bed now instead of getting up immediately after I awake! I am very grateful that I acquired such a fabulous Tempur bed, comprising of a Sensation 21 Mattress, Base and Symphony Pillow and I can state that I will never use another Brand. I am a TEMPUR fan for life.

David Gluckman | October 2014

Hi Amish, My wife and I are very happy with our mattresses. They are far superior to any competing product we have tried. Thank you for going the extra mile to help us on making the right choice.

Eldene | September 2014

It is now more than two years since I bought my Tempur mattress, after sleeping on one in a New York hotel and hunting you down in Hyde Park. And I still relish going to bed every night. It envelops, cocoons, supports me. I don’t understand friends of a certain age who have insomnia, as I sleep 8 to 10 hours a night. Twinges from an old back injury disappear during the night. It is the best investment I’ve ever made. I love it.

Craig Steyn | September 2014

Dear Mr Pate, Just a short mail to confirm my happiness and satisfaction with the Tempur pillows that I purchased from your Hyde Park outlet. When I purchased the pillows I found your claims of better sleep and comfort a little hard to believe especially since I am sleeping on a Tempur mattress. I am pleased to say that all your claims and assurances were true and I have never slept better since. As a matter of fact I now find it hard to believe that a pillow can make such a difference, but it does. So I am sending you this mail to say thank you and to let you know that I shall not hesitate to refer you and your product to my family and friends.In closing please feel free to use this mail for marketing and promotional purposes – you have a great product and I wish you all the success providing your customers with great sleep for many years to come.