Malouf Z Tripple Layer Down Pillow


The Malouf TripleLayer™ Down Pillow is the epitome of luxury, with it’s unique design that ensures this pillow stays plump and soft longer than traditionally constructed down pillows.

With an inner feather core layered between clusters of soft down, the TripleLayer™ Down Pillow is a superior down pillow that offers support as well as luxurious comfort for your head and neck.

The Malouf TripleLayer™ Down Pillow cover is made of 100 percent unbleached cotton finished with a breathable percale weave and the premium cotton packaging is designed to be a reusable tote for easy travel.

Malouf™ is committed to sourcing only responsibly harvested down and feathers – all high quality and traceable to the source.


Luxuriously soft, supportive and natural, the Malouf TripleLayer Down premium pillow is a blend of duck down and duck feathers. It creates naturally supportive and breathable comfort that can be fluffed and molded for a personalized fit. Cotton provides breathable comfort, excellent temperature management and timeless style.

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Down Feathers


100% Cotton


3 Years


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