Malouf Z Gel Dough®+ Z™ Gel Pillow


This unique pillow is infused with temperature-regulating gel and completely customizable to ensure you sleep well—no matter your size, shape, or sleeping preference.

The inner core is convoluted on one side, flat on the other, and completely removable to give you the support you need while siliconized microfibers create a cushy pillow for your head.

Around the convoluted core, this pillow is filled with tiny microfibers that are coated in gel to achieve the feel of a traditional down pillow without the harmful allergens.

The silky Tencel™ Lyocell cover wicks moisture and regulates temperature for all-season comfort.


The memory foam core is convoluted on one side to create conforming support for back sleepers while the other side is flat to create a supportive loft for side sleepers. It’s also completely removable to create an ultra-plush feel ideal for stomach sleepers.

When you fall asleep, your body temperature drops, releasing heat into your environment. That’s why we infused this pillow with gel microparticles to balance your temperature, ensuring you never sleep too hot.

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Gelled Microfiber™ + Memory Foam


Removable. 100% Tencel


3 Years


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