Malouf Z Dough Travel Pillow


The Malouf Z Dough Travel Pillow takes our proprietary Dough™ memory foam – with personalized contouring and pressure relief – and sizes it for convenient travel. Enjoy the comfort and support of your pillow no matter where you are.

Our exclusive Dough™ memory foam formula is exceptionally soft and offers premium support and the Rayon (Bamboo) velour cover is soft and breathable for exceptional comfort.

This travel pillow has a condensed shape and compressible construction that make it convenient for travel.


The Zoned Dough travel pillow is zoned with larger holes in the center and smaller holes on the outside. The larger holes allow the Dough memory foam to softly cradle your head, while the smaller holes on the outside remain more supportive to create optimal spinal alignment. The pin-cores are perforated through the entire pillow to allow for increased ventilation as well.

Size: 30cm X 40cm

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75% Polyester, 25% Rayon from Bamboo


5 Years


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