Malouf Z Contour Gel Dough Pillow


The Malouf Z Contour Gel Dough™ pillow is revolutionary for sleepers seeking pain relief.

Infused with temperature-regulating gel, engineered with an ergonomic design, and created with deeply cushioning memory foam, this pillow ensures you wake well-rested.


This pillow was designed with a central saddle to cradle your head while the outer banks correctly support and align your neck to relieve pressure points and help you rest well.

When you fall asleep, your body temperature drops, releasing heat into your environment. That’s why we infused this pillow with gel microparticles to balance your temperature, ensuring you never sleep too hot.

All memory foam is not created equal. Different formulas mean distinctly different feels—and we’ve perfected proprietary blends. Our proprietary Dough™ memory foam is deeply cushioning, molding to your shape to eliminate pressure points and improve your sleep.

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Dough™ Memory Foam


Removable. 100% Tencel


5 Years


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